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We manufacture top of the range of mobile freezer trailers Pretoria, Coldroom trailers, Chiller trailers from high quality materials producing stylish designs from creative ideas and inspirational solutions putting together the most practical design.

Top Trailers combines unrivaled manufacturing knowledge with outstanding customer service to ensure all your needs are met. We are committed to working with you on a personal level to create the perfect mobile freezer trailers Pretoria, whether big or small. By offering countless options, our trailers are built to tailor to your needs.

 We provide cold storage solutions for a wide range of customers such as caterers, butchers, mobile bars, fridge engineers, retailers, hotels, pubs and restaurant chains, and research development centers.

The mobile refrigeration trailer is a quick, easy and convenient solution for refrigerated storage of foods and drinks for trade and leisure use. Good for weddings, Traditional ceremonies, Funerals, outside caterers, hotels and restaurants, Store cold beverages, butchers – poultry and fish storage & transport, farmers’ markets, Sporting Events, festivals and game shoots / hunting Purposes, Ice cube storage or over Christmas and other busy times when you just need temporary extra capacity.

Specifications of 2.3M Mobile Freezer/Cooler Freezer Unit Trailer


· 2.3mL x 1.8mW x 1.7mH

· 100mm Insulated Virgin Coracle Expanded Polystyrene with PVC Protected 0,5mm PRIME-GRADE Chromadeck Cladding

· Back door 40mm Chromadeck insulated panelsmobile freezer trailers pretoria

· Max Loading Capacity 320kg (750kg Certified)

· 220 Volts or 5,5 KVA Generator (Optional R11875)

· Cooler (+6 C)

· Freezer(-18 Degrees Celsius)

· Not Cooling in Transit

· 1.6 Ton, Single Axel ( without Run-in Brakes)

· 14″ Tyres


· Jockey Wheel

· Condensing Blower and Compressor (1.8Kw) (220V)

· Spare Wheel

· RC1 documentation for Licencing & Registration

· One Year Warranty excluding Wear and Tear


· 2 x rails and 4 hooks per rail